Wheeler’s Dog – Episode 164 – That Watermelon Is Looking A Little Dry

In this episode…

– An update on the watermelon in our beer fridge

– How a Monday evening was transformed into an impromptu “family night” with the movie ‘As Above, So Below’

– The MIL is back in da house! And I how I applied what I have learned from ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ for her return

– Attending the Labor Day Hampton Hellcats Monday Morning Meeting

– Along with messages left on Patreon

If you have a question, story, or criticism you can leave a message on the Wheeler’s Dog Speak Line, 336-422-6006. You can even send a text message and possibly be part of a future episode.  For just a $4 monthly donation, you get a bonus episode EVERY WEEK.  For more information on supporting my efforts visit patreon.com/wheelersdog

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