Wheeler’s Dog — Episode 167 – Patreon Only

In this PATRONS ONLY BONUS episode, Eugene talks about…

  • How someone is now using the designated leftover shelf in the kitchen refrigerator for their booze storage
  • How closing the pool became a BIG pain in his ass
  • How canned and bottled beverages in their home are NEVER fully consumed and left laying around
  • And how the unusual traffic this past Friday kept him on I-40 in Alamance County for 2 hours

If you have a question, story, or criticism you can leave a message on the Wheeler’s Dog Speak Line, 336-422-6006.  You can even send a text message and possibly be part of a future episode.  For just a $4 monthly donation, you get a bonus episode EVERY WEEK.  For more information on supporting Eugene’s efforts visit patreon.com/wheelersdog

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