Asylum: The KISS Podcast — The Opening Act: Whitesnake — Whitesnake (’87)

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The Kousins and Roadie Ray (he kept the position just reverted the name) do an Opening Act show, being the first podcast of the month (yes it’s still March but the last day): Whitesnake (’87).

It gets the “Listening Party” treatment and Kousin Gary gives you more info about John Sykes (the guitarist on the album) than you’d ever want to know.

He crushed so hard we think John Corabi is getting jealous.

Also, the Kousins+1 give what they’ve been listening to this week for your consideration.

What do you think of the Whitesnake album? Does it still hold up?

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This podcast was recorded in The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill and recorded via Zoom sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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