The Health Geeks Book Club Podcast — Episode 104 – The Menopause Manifesto – Part 4

Ever heard of Lydia Pinkham and her vegetable compound, or other old wives’ tales to “cure” menopause? Do you know what medical therapies, pharmaceuticals, and supplements are available to support women transitioning through menopause? How does diet affect women in menopause? Kristen and Eleanor share a current hot topic evening news report about governmental recommendations on “diet,” and deconstruct it. They caution people to critically evaluate news reports. They take time in this episode to respond to Dr. Jen Gunter’s discussion about nutrition, saliva testing, and drug and hormone therapies in her 2021 book–“THE MENOPAUSE MANIFESTO: Own Your Health with Facts and Feminism.” There really isn’t an end to this conversation, but this is a wrap on this particular book! Keep reading and become an advocate for yourself! This episode is sponsored by: 360 Health and Well Balanced Nutrition. The Health Geeks Book Club Podcast is part of The Less Desirables Podcast Network. Listen in, then share your thoughts and reactions on Instagram, Facebook, or by email. Leave a message on the TLD Network Hotline at 336-422-NUMB (6862). Be sure to indicate it is for Heath Geeks Book Club!

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