Asylum: The KISS Podcast — Dressed to Fill

Roadie Ray had to put out some fires in his day job, so the Kousins had to go on without him this week.

This week is the anniversary of 1975’s Dressed To Kill. Three of the four Kousins think that album is mostly “filler,” or songs put in to fill in the cracks and extend the length of the album.

For this episode, Kousin Tim, Kousin Gary, and Kousin Marvin go from KISS (self-titled) through Unmasked (not counting live, solo, or greatest hits albums) and debate and sometimes argue over which songs could have been left off. There were some “rules” that were never really followed, but they gave it a good college try (not really). There were some drop-jaw moments for sure as one of the Kousins is a total “contrarian.”

The Kousins gave their “Now Listening” and covered the “Let Me Know” section.

What are the songs you’d leave off from each of those eight albums?

Let us know by calling the TLDNetwork (KUZZ Army) hotline and leaving a message for the Kousins at 336-422-NUMB (6862).

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This podcast was recorded in The Such-N-Such Media Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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