Asylum: The KISS Podcast — Off the Soundboard – Poughkeepsie 1984

The Kousins walk you through this hidden gem of a record, the Off the Soundboard – Poughkeepsie 1984.

April is the month of fools. Right?

Okay. Let’s just say this and get it out of the way. We are sorry. We are so very sorry that you have to hear us talk about this record. If that gives something away, then so be it.

But it’s worth it to hear Roadie Ray talk about Paul and Gene the way he does. This record is one of only two (and a half) shows that Mark St. John plays guitar. There are many reasons he didn’t make it in KISS. You’ll hear just one of them in this episode. Well, more than one example but one reason.

Jim from Alabama called in again. Here’s hoping he does that often!

Three Kousins gave their now listenings.

Have you listened to any of the Off the Soundboard recordings? What did you think? Did you buy them or spend money on them?

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This podcast was recorded in The Such-N-Such Media Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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