Asylum: The KISS Podcast — The Filthy Fifteen

In 1985, the “Satanic Panic” and other over-the-top, ridiculous, and unhelpful movements were in heavy force. One of the worst ideas that anyone could do was create a “Senator’s Wives” committee to police the music industry to keep sex, drugs, violence, and Satan out of other people’s kids’ lives.

That’s when the Parents Music Resource “Center” (or PMRC) began.

It was a crusade to sanitize the sinful messages that rock and pop music brought to the youth, and if they didn’t jump in, we were all doomed.

They pushed to have lyrics sheets, warning stickers about potentially harmful lyrics, and published a list of the fifteen most offensive songs. This is that list. From Prince to Motley Crue, Venom and Def Leppard, to Madonna and Sheena Easton. SHEENA-frickin’-EASTON!!! You can see the whole list here, but we got you and played parts of each one of them.

The Kousins have theories about the list and the songs.

Each gave their “Now Listening,” and the new “favorite” caller, Jim from Alabama, called in.

What do you think of the Filthy Fifteen list?

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This podcast was recorded in The Such-N-Such Media Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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