Asylum: The KISS Podcast — KISS Album Gladiator Showdown – Crazy Nights Vs. Hot In The Shade

Roadie Ray is back on the podcast after a two-week assignment!

The Kousins have done album showdowns before. But, in some instances, that just doesn’t seem fair to some of the songs on the two albums.

The time period between 1987-1989 in KISStory was a bit polarizing for many fans. Perhaps we use that term way too often, but this is KISS we’re talking about, and we fans are VERY opinionated about “eras.”

Kousin Tim picks Crazy Nights (because he hates the other album) while Roadie Ray takes hold of the reins for Hot In The Shade. It is a pivotal battle because KT is 2-0 while Ray is 2-1 overall. Kousins Marvin and Gary are the judges.

How is this different from most album battles the Kousins have done? After a coin flip, the winner can either go first or defer their pick. The first picker chooses their “gladiator” or song for battle. After a short listen, the opposing picker chooses the song (or gladiator) to battle the round’s opening song. The other two Kousins then vote for the winner. The two pickers can change their vote if they choose to, as well. Whichever song has the most votes… wins. If there’s a tie, it goes to Twitter for tiebreaker votes. If that doesn’t make sense, just give a listen and it will become as clear as mud.

The Kousins gave their now listenings. And a return call from Jim From Alabama!

How would your vote go on the songs on CN/HITS?

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This podcast was recorded in The Such-N-Such Media Studios at Liberty Plaza and recorded via Zoom, sponsored by Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

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