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All podcasts are recorded or produced at The Lab at Industry Hill


The Less Desirables


The Less Desirables is North Carolina’s first and longest-running pop culture podcast. Hosted by Tim Beeman, Danielle Bull and Bethany Miller. CrewTLD talks movies, music, beer, pop culture and we always have someone of interest from the community in to talk shop and other things that matter.

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Fan Interference

A national sports-talk radio-style podcast that is hosted by Ty Collins and Wali Alston. Fan Interference is recorded on Monday, just after the sports weekend, to cover all kinds of sporting news, rumors, rants and highlights.
Note: Because sports news is a fleeting commodity, only the newest episode of Fan Interference will be available at any given time.

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The Beer Dads


Three guys, all dads with children of different ages, sitting around talking about what it’s like to be a dad or life issues with their kids and families. They do this whilst drinking a beer. This is The Beer Dads. 

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The Man Who Ate the Town

Hosted by Tim Beeman and Ray Morgan, The Man Who Ate the Town is a podcast that highlights the culinary scene in and around Winston-Salem, NC. It’s not a food review podcast; it’s “Food News and Views.”

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Beeswax Vinyl & More / Beeswax Vinyl Daily






Musicians and/or music lovers talking music, more music, and even more music. And, of course, we talk about vinyl! Hosted by Tim Beeman and various co-hosts.

Beeswax Vinyl Daily are short podcast episodes where Tim Beeman details the day in music history. 

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Wheeler’s Dog


Hosted by and from the sick and twisted mind of Eugene B Sims, former co-host of The Less Desirables. Eug talks about whatever is on his mind. 

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Asylum: Tales from the Devereaux Diaries


Three Kousins who are KISS fans talk about their favorite band and Hard Rock music in general. 

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Archived Network Shows


Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking


Hosted by Tim Beeman  and Jordan Keiper, named one of the country’s top mixologists, this podcast, Sipping NC, highlights libations – beer, wine and spirits – most made in North Carolina. It’s not industry talk, it’s libations for everyone! 

Sipping NC: The Art of Drinking is on extended hiatus.

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Apartment 5B

Your Podcast home for Irrational Conversations
with the Cool Breezes of Anytown, USA. With your hosts, the residents of Apartment 5B: Jeff Evans, Rory and “Producer Tim.” Apartment 5B is a blast of pop-culture, cynical views and outward hilarity. Note: This show is unrated and may be a bit “blue.”

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This show has been discontinued.