The Less Desirables, July 26, 2017

The Less Desirables Recorded from Test Pattern Studios. Kristen Daukas is in the studio and she along with CrewTLD talk about dating post-divorce and in your 40s. Warning! This show is NOT SAFE FOR WORK! The show gets a little off-script and we don’t do a lot of the segments. Thanks to our sponsors a/perture cinema, The Garage, City Beverage, Finnigan’s Wake, Underdog Records, King’s Crab Shack, Bull’s Tavern, Test Pattern BarWashington Perk and Provision Company. You are awesome to us. An encore presentation of “As Ardmore Turns” and “More Than I Should Have” from Sofia Talvik. We drank Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale from Elysian.

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