The Less Desirables, September 25, 2019

The Less Desirables Recorded in The Lab at Industry Hill. Rick Gustaitis and Dale Cole from Forsyth Association of Rock Musicians (or FARM) and Camel City Revelators are in to talk about music, their Sunday series, life, The Lab at Industry Hill and More. A not to “As Ardmore Turns” with a little “As Downtown Winston Turns” featuring Bartsy or the lack thereof. Bull’s Tavern presents Raspise BerlinerweisseFirestone Lager from Firestone Walker Brewing Company. Special thanks to Finnigan’s Wake, King’s Crab Shack, Willows Bistro, Machine Gun Graphics, Washington Perk, and X1 Communications for all they do for us. “Crazy About a Saxophone” by Cory Luetjen

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