The Man Who Ate the Town Podcast Episode 132

Tim and Ray discuss: Tim and Street Team Member Steven go to Breakfastime Anytime as well as Tim and Stephanie for breakfast and Tim reviews it. Viva Chicken opens. Becky Zollicoffer opens Let It Grow Produce in Organix Juice Bar. Chef David Swing to Adam Andrews’ new place on Fourth. Mission to Serve at Carrabba’s this Thursday. West End Poke has begun work on its new location. Thanks to Industry Hill, Washington Perk and Provision, Humblebee Shoppe and Carrabba’s Italian Grill.

Food history and holidays.

Recorded in The Less Desirables Studios in The Lab at Industry Hill

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Don’t forget our sponsors:

Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Come see what a “responsible chain” looks like. Delicious and healthy food from an owner who takes pride in his roots of this community and gives back with every fiber of his being. Plus, the food is phenomenal!

Washington Perk & Provision Company. Better than a convenience store but not quite a grocery store, in the heart of Downtown WSNC.

The Humble Bee Shoppe is challenging your perception of scratch made and leaving you with an experience you couldn’t possibly forget! With inventive flavor combos and a sense of artistry, The Humble Bee Shoppe isn’t your average bakery

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