Wheeler’s Dog — Episode 133 – Patreon Only

In this PATRONS ONLY BONUS episode, Eugene talks about an unexpected call from his buddy and Master of the Steel Pans, Tracy Thornton where they discuss the recent Y&T rabbit holes that they unknowingly fell into at the same time, their quest to win the 1986 GYC Carnival Battle of the Bands, and Eugene plays an original song from his old band Krakkin’ that was recorded at that Championship show.

If you have a question, story, or criticism you can leave a message on the Wheeler’s Dog Speak Line, 336-422-6006.  You can even send a text message and possibly be part of a future episode. For just a $4 monthly donation, you get a bonus episode EVERY WEEK.  For more information on supporting my efforts visit patreon.com/wheelersdog

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